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RelaX bath bombs 50mg
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RelaX expertly crafted CBD (baseball sized) Bath Bombs offer some of the most relaxing at-home benefits you'll ever experience. Combining the universally-accepted wellness benefits of aromatherapy with a robust 50mg shot of cannabidiol extract, the calm and relaxation will be like nothing you've ever felt before. Try all five formulas (Activated Charcoal, Cucumber, Almond & Coconut, Eucalyptus, and Midnight Roses) to enter into a state of otherworldly mind/body calm.

There are many reasons why people love adding our CBD bath bombs to their bath. For some, it’s simply to take off the edge after a stressful day. Others prefer to add them to their bathwater as part of their health regimen, to purify their skin and enjoy the huge benefits of our CBD formula. Whatever the reason is, the RelaX CBD bath bombs are the perfect compliment to your arsenal of CBD products and are guaranteed to provide you with total satisfaction.
One of the main reasons why our bath bombs have become so popular is because of our proprietary CBD formulation, which in the form of a bath bomb, soothes the skin to perfection. The CBD and other ingredients used to create one of our best-selling products helps bring you to a state of complete balance throughout your body and soul.

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