Our Manufacturers Process


Everything that we make is specially sourced from a contracted farmer. All of our current hemp is locally sourced in Kentucky, though we aren’t exclusively limited to Kentucky farmers- we’re always open to opportunities for growth. We use an in-depth process for locating and contracting quality farmers and growers who buy our clones directly from us to ensure optimal production yielding the highest quality with consistent maturation providing highly consistent potency of product. We also ensure that the soil is tested for herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals before growing. We pride ourselves in maintaining a relationship with our farmers and keeping a hands-on approach during the growing process. We offer support, education, and opportunities to our farmers for a mutually beneficial relationship. Once we receive the materials, they under quality inspection to ensure the best final product.


This step includes our supercritical CO2 fluid extraction process. During this step, we extract all the different botanicals from a variety of reliably sourced plants. Our CO2 extraction process is clean and environmentally friendly. It’s a non-toxic process that’s safer than using hydrocarbon-based or ethanol type extraction methods


After the extraction, we end up with the raw cannabis extract that is sometimes used in blending for formulation. This “mud” can also be broken down further by having materials removed that aren’t needed for a more concentrated product. Through this process we can form distillate, which has a honey consistency and color along with a higher CBD content than the mud. Even further, we can create an isolate, which is the most concentrated at 99% CBD and 0% THC.


From here, we create finished goods, such as tinctures, with the raw materials. We offer salves or topical creams as well as ingestible extractions such as coconut oil, brownie mix, and gummy bears. We also do basic formulations in bulk blending. For example, we can fulfill an extraction request for 250 mg / 30 mil of a particular tincture or even help you to create your own finished product


We have a PhD chemist on staff who completes all of our on-site testing and can provide Certificates of Analysis (COA) for any products as needed. Commonwealth Extracts provides in-house testing for every single product that we sell at the facility in order to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need. We confirm the accuracy of our work with the use of independent third party labs for all finished goods so that we can guarantee quality and complete your request quickly and efficiently

***RelaX by Health Rx Scripts Pharmacy does not process any of our CBD products in our facility, these statements are based on our manufacturer’s processes.