Marijuana CBD vs Hemp CBD: what's the difference?

Posted by Paige Marshall on Apr 22nd 2020

Marijuana CBD vs Hemp CBD: what's the difference?

CBD is a compound extracted from cannabis plants. It has been shown to have many positive health benefits, both in animal and human studies. It’s been shown to treat symptoms of anxiety, epilepsy and even prevent neuro-degenerative diseases. There is a slight difference when you compare CBD from different cannabis plants. There are two basic kinds of cannabis varieties that come from one mother plant: hemp and marijuana, both of which yield CBD.

Marijuana CBD vs Hemp CBD

Hemp is the masculine strain and marijuana is the female. While they are different, both yield CBD and other compounds, and there is little scientific difference between the quality and chemical makeup of the CBD retrieved from either. Both have the same effect on the brain. The main difference between the cannabidiol oil produced from the sibling plants is a matter of legality. Hemp is purposely grown for its low THC, high CBD qualities. It naturally produces a CBD oil that has only 0.3 percent (or less) of the compound called THC, which is the psychoactive compound that gives people the feeling of being high. With a percentage so low, growers can get away with saying that hemp oil is THC-free, which makes it 100 percent legal in all 50 states.

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