How to Stay Mentally Healthy During the Pandemic

Posted by Boiron USA on May 19th 2020

How to Stay Mentally Healthy During the Pandemic

Store shelves may be empty these days, but there’s no shortage of stress. With all this new normal that we are living in, it is easy to burn out, especially for first responders on the front lines. During this time of crisis, we want to remind everyone that managing this unknown pandemic starts with good self-care. Here are four ways you can manage your emotional and mental well-being in a pandemic.

Maintain healthy habits. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, healthy behaviors and activities can fall by the wayside. Monitor your sleep, prepare healthy meals and snacks to bring to work, and limit alcohol use.

Slow down. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, it’s easy to lose track of time handling appointment after appointment. Set alarms on your phone to schedule breaks for yourself, even if they’re only for a few minutes.

Take breaks from the news and social media. Step away from your phone or television to avoid information overload, especially before bed, as digital devices and screens can affect your ability to fall asleep.

Make homeopathy a part of your self-care toolkit. Homeopathy takes into consideration the different ways people react to stress. Symptoms can vary from one person to another. You may experience digestive problems, and yet someone else may have trouble falling asleep at night. Homeopathic medicines allow treatment to be tailored to individual needs.

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