CBD, the Immune System, and Covid-19

Posted by Randee Shields on Apr 30th 2020

CBD, the Immune System, and Covid-19

With the threat of Covid-19, many of us are taking extra steps to strengthen our immune systems. These steps can not only protect us, but also the people we love. And since we love you, we’ve gathered the following information to help you take an active stance in supporting your immune system.


While the effects of CBD are still controversial and under researched, most people agree on its ability to influence immune response and inflammation. According to Dr. Garcia de Palau, a Spanish cannabis clinician, “[cannabis] is immunosuppressive when there is a hyper-immune response, but otherwise it regulates and corrects the immune system. In fact, you could say it functions like the endocannabinoid system, bringing equilibrium to the organism.” This is significant because in severe cases of Covid-19 patients experience an overreaction of the immune system.

However, as promising as this sounds, we can’t say for sure whether CBD can calm the hyper-immune response and inflammation associated with Covid-19. Other research even suggests CBD may have antiviral effects, but again, claiming to understand its effect on this novel virus would be careless.

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