RelaX by Health Rx Scripts

relax-its-just-cbd-tagline1.pngRelaX “It’s just CBD” by Health Rx Scripts Pharmacy began as a response to the rapidly growing CBD market. With that said, numerous retailers are entering the market…so we started asking ourselves: where does the everyday customer get trustworthy and accurate information? Will CBD adversely affect our patient’s existing medications? Will CBD products have any adverse responses to any conditions our customers have? What types of CBD products are best for our patient population? Are the CBD products pharmacist recommended, formulated, preferred? 

There are thousands of CBD products, hundreds of manufacturers, false claims made by unreliable sources, and rampant misinformation that means knowing where to turn can be daunting, so we did the work for you.

Health Rx Scripts Pharmacy, is a member of NCPA (National Community Pharmacy Association). NCPA has partnered with PRS to create a digital resource for CBD products, as well as an educational platform for pharmacists, designed to give you the information you need to confidently advise your patients. We have always looked to empower the community pharmacist, and CBD is no different.

Simply put…We believe CBD belongs in a pharmacy and we believe the community pharmacist should be the community CBD expert.


The statements regarding CBD products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results from these CBD products may vary.* You are responsible for contacting your state board of pharmacy to determine the legality of selling CBD products in your state